Fortress PRGC!! Another Home Win!!

The men’s team continued their impressive home form in the Chiltern Breakfast League with a 4.5 : 1.5 win against Oakland Park on Saturday 22nd July. The four winning pairs delivered solid wins and the other two matches both went to the 18th hole so an altogether very satisfactory result. Thus far PRGC are unbeaten at home in the CBL 2017 but the away form is less impressive. The next match is the return away at Oakland Park on Saturday  05 August followed by the home match with Chesfield Downs on 12 August. These are vital matches for the team to win.

Barry Woledge, Competitions Secretary

July / August Essential Greens Maintenance Work…

A quick heads up on priority work carried out by golf clubs on their greens during the July / August Summer months...

The core to the programme recommended by our consultants is to stick to the 6 basics:

  1. Reduce the stress on the greens by not cutting too low for long periods
  2. Avoiding 'dry patch' by ensuring that water gets to the root system;
    1. Avoiding water  'running off' by removing the summer wax deposits within the soil (aquasorb)
    2. Avoiding greens turning into 'sponge' through a combination of scarification, verticutting and grooming - in short reducing the 'thatch' layer (surface organic matter) on the greens
  3. Aerating / improving drainage to the root system through a combination of tining and sarol rolling - in short, punching thin holes through the thatch into the root system
  4. Reducing compaction through a combination of tining, vertidraining and hollow coring (plus top dressing)
  5. Feeding the greens with state of the art fertilisers to maintain their vitality
  6. Disease avoidance through regular testing and a combination of 'prevention and cure' applications

Why now? our recovery time is circa 1 to 2 weeks for this essential work during the summer and circa 6 weeks if we wait until September.

We apologise in advance for the small inconvenience now but hope that you will both understand the necessity of the work and enjoy the rewards across the whole season.

Please note that we have hollow cored and top dressed greens 2, 3 (partially) and 5 (fully) after first successfully testing on the practice green.

Protecting the greens from the heat … 11.07.17

Watering the root system...
Last week we improved the water flow to the grass root system by de waxing the soil and stopping the water running off.
Feeding the root system...
This week we are feeding the greens with a state of the art fertiliser. In essence, it's exceptional control of nitrogen availability protects the grass, even at temperatures above 30oC.
In short it will deliver improved root growth and a shorter denser grass sward with a stronger colour. Perfect!

Captain’s Day Triumph… who won, who was longest, who was closest…

Twenty seven players joined Brian in a celebration of his Captaincy yesterday and some excellent golf was played by all.

This years winner of the Captains Trophy is Sean Cummins who scored a remarkable 41 points off a handicap of 19.

Jim Findlay with an outstanding 38 points was runner up and Alan Jackson pipped Mark Tubb to third place with 37 points on count back. Longest drive went to Neil Terry with an amazing 280 yard effort (his measurements of course!!) and the nearest the pin to Bob Darvill.

Congratulations to all who participated and particularly the winners. Brian is now arranging a team based, Captains Charity Day in September so look out for details in due course.

Aqua-Zorbing the Greens… 08.07.17

The summer months are particularly tough on our greens and inevitably result in brown dry patches.  In the industry this is known as LDP - Localised Dry Patch.

Why doesn't the sprinkler system keep the greens green?

Quite simply because the water starts to run off of the surface and doesn't get to the root system. And why does that happen? Because  soil fungi starts to secrete a wax which coats the soil particles making them repel water.

Fear not we have a plan!

This week we have applied Aqua-Zorb to the greens  - full coverage via the sprayer and more intense localised spraying 'by hand'.

The benefits of Aqua Zorb are ...

  • Prevents and cures Localised Dry Patch (LDP) 
  • Prevents water 'running off' of water repellent - 'wax' - turf 
  • Increases the speed and depth of water penetration through thatch  and LDP areas to the grass roots
  • Improves root systems, thereby reducing summer stresses
  • Improves both turf colour and turf quality
  • Irrigation water efficiency is improved by up to 50%
  • Used on Championship Courses worldwide

We will continue to locally apply aqua-zorb over the coming weeks to break down any resistant wax residue.

In addition the greens will be receiving their summer feed  on Monday.

You will also have noticed that we have been testing 'localised green recovery solutions' on the temporary green and hole 1.  These include seeding and top dressing so please expect to see some sand on the greens for a short time. 

CBL News… so close to an upset!!

"We made our visit to Aldwickbury Park on Sunday and like most visiting clubs this year had a chastening experience. We were on track to get three wins and maybe halve the match but regrettably the hugely difficult back 9 got the better of us and we lost two of the matches on the last hole. The third was a great half secured by Dean Herritty and Dave MacKenzie so we at least came away with something. Our next matches are back to back with Oakland Park which will be fun". BW

Aldwickbury are dominating the league this year  - amazing effort from PRGC... so, so close!!

Check out the Green Fees - CBL is great fun and great value at just £15; including breakfast and light lunch!!

Interested in playing for PRGC and visiting some fab local courses? please Contact Us or contact directly

Please Note:

  1. Our best performing pair in each match get their match fee refunded as “prize money”
  2. The maximum handicap for a CBL match is 18

Mouthwatering Value gets tongues WAGing…

There has been lots of talk around the club about how great the taste of Manisha's curries are versus the local curry houses.

Buttering up the WAGS…

So we did a little check on the prices in the Cinnamon Lounge in Princes Risborough.

Cinnamon Lounge

Price for Buttered Chicken £8.95 plus boiled rice £2.65 plus a pint of kingfisher £4.15 - Total price = £15.75

Princes Risborough Golf Club

Equivalent Price (pint of Stella or Brakspear rather than Kingfisher) = £9.40

Total discount = save over 40%!

Equivalent discount for Rogan Josh and Chicken Bhuna = Save over 35%!!

Now let's be clear, we love the Cinnamon Lounge and would highly recommend it for a night out. The purpose of this comparison is merely to show off the mouth-wateringly great prices we are offering on a Wednesday evening!!

Wednesday Night is Curry Night at PRGC!!

Buttering up the WAGS…

Another triumph for Manisha as her Buttered Chicken wows the WAGS! Wednesday night is fast becoming Curry Night!

Buttered Chicken

"I would like to say that both the chicken bhuna last week and this weeks buttered chicken, were as good a curry as I have ever tasted.  This was not just my opinion but also that of the other wags who tried them, keep them coming

Well done


Join the fun next Thursday the 29th…

What’s in a win? Surely everything that you signed up for in golf.

• Competition
• Personal development
• Fellowship
• Success

And I know that there is more that only you can add; so why am I asking for players to join the team? Ask any of the team that represented you, and your Club, yesterday and they will all have their personal reasons for coming back again and again to play courses in superb locations and conditions with like minded friends enjoying each others’ company: yet they would step aside to welcome new Seniors Members into their august circle.
Yes our team won again against the best that Huntswood could send; 4.5 to 1.5 on a fine day and on our course superbly presented. Our thanks must go to: Neil Martin, Jim Findlay, Steve Williams, Roy Hatt, Alan Caldicott, Craig Whitworth, Sunil Soni, Al Bowyer, Fred Mullin, Geoff Barrett, and Doug Taylor; it was my privilege to lead them out.
Next week we go against Wycombe Heights in a return match, at home.
Players are still needed to complete the team. Now is the time for all Members “to come to the aid of the party”. If you have never been asked to join with us I apologise and do so now.
Lists are on the notice board in the locker room for next week’s match Thursday 29th, and others to come. Sign up and enjoy the best golf format you will ever experience.

Brian Fowler
Captain 2016-7

Happy Lady Captain’s Day!!

June is traditionally the month when our Lady Captain hosts her 'day' at the course and this year Sue was blessed with wonderful weather.  Starting early before it got too hot, a group of lady members set out on a Stableford round, stopping mid-way for a super halfway house, and ending with a lovely lunch in the sunshine on the terrace.  The ladies came back to the clubhouse in the evening for a very special dinner, some fun and of course some awards.  

Points mean prizes and the ladies had done well in the morning.  The overall winner for the day was CHRIS STEVENS with POLLY ALLEN as runner up.  VALERIE DEXTER won the Front 9 and JACQUI TAYLOR the Back 9.  In fact Valerie could also have won Nearest the String as she landed ON the string on the 2nd, but with a one-prize-only rule that one was awarded to Mrs Straight, ANNE WARD, with Nearest the Pin on the 3rd going to MEG BOWEN.

It takes a lot of organising to deliver such a special day and Sue was brilliantly supported not only by other lady members but also by Team PRGC.  John, Jake and Bob had worked very hard on the course, and Nick, Michelle, Luke and Manisha, made a splendid job of all the clubhouse activities.  


Pictures to follow...

Quote from Sue...

"The course was in great condition, the food was delicious and the customer service top rate.  Thank you Team PRGC, one very happy Lady Captain"