WHS Privacy Policy and Why We Need Your Date of Birth

The transition to the World Handicap System (WHS) is the biggest change to golfer handicapping in our lifetime.

Delivering a smooth WHS implementation process involves the transition from circa 1,800 golf club calculation hubs to one central England Golf calculation system.

Golf England have licensed some data controllers who have highly encrypted software to hold your membership information at a local level, including handicap data.

Your local membership information is held by one of these licensed controllers, Club Systems V1, and this local data is planned to be shared with Golf England’s central system to enable the WHS to work.

Part of the process is deduplication and Golf England have asked us to provide two pieces of information to enable this.

  • A member’s email address
  • A member’s date of birth

In accordance with their WHS privacy policy, member data will only be used for legitimate interests of England Golf. It is primarily gathered to allow them to operate and maintain the integrity of the new handicapping system and provide necessary member services.

No data will be used for marketing purposes.

Data will only be supplied to third parties where those parties supply England Golf with products and services that they need to provide their services to clubs and members, such as their software providers or web hosting service. Those parties will not be permitted to send marketing materials to members.

If you haven’t already supplied your date of birth please simply click ‘contact us‘ with your name and Date of Birth.

If you know a member who does not have an email address, Golf England have said that they can use a ‘friend, fellow member’s or family member’s’ email address, but we will still need their Date of Birth for them to get an official WHS handicap – we would need someone to contact us on their behalf with an email address we can use for any communication and the member’s date of birth. The two pieces of data combined, we are told, is the key to the deduplication process.

So in short, if you have not done this already – please contact us with your name and Date of Birth.

Thank you