Membership Update 4 – Re-opening

The Course re-opens for members on Wednesday 13th May and Green fees on Saturday 16th May

After what seems like a lifetime, we are finally allowed a conditional opportunity by Boris to start playing golf again.

That's right, if we get this right first time, as a club, a sport and a country we will not only hold onto our right to play golf, but unlock further benefits such as hospitality and playing as a 3 /4 ball.

So what do we have to get right?

PRGC have been working hard with the BB&O / England Golf for the earliest possible opening and the clearest possible guidance to keep staff and players safe as we re-open courses

Quite simply, we follow the simple guidelines below which will help us stay safe.

  1. Washing our hands thoroughly, regularly and not touching our face
  2. Stay alert - stay a 2m social distance from everyone outside of your household
  3. Read the following two guideline documents to help you "Play safe Stay safe" and to "Check in correctly"