Pro Testimonials

I have been playing golf for 30 years but sporadically and I have always considered myself more keen than talented - somewhere in to 20's as a handicap at best. Having had a one year gap in playing, when I restarted I was keen to 'get it right first time'. What a revelation! After just two lessons I scored more points than some very low handicap players on the Academy Course. My confidence rose and I could see and feel for the first time why I had been going wrong for so many years. My game is improving and my love of the game has been restored. Looking forward to many more lessons with Bruce!

Gary Tubb, Princes Risborough Golf Club. March 2018

To all the golfers out there and I believe there are many. This is to let you know about our group lessons with our top class Pro Bruce Loome . They are £10 an hour and he teaches State of the Art "Backward Chaining " This different approach starts with putting and works up to using a driver. It's certainly made a big difference to my score card.
Bruce is so approachable and puts everyone at ease.
Come and TRY for yourself it's well worth it and a perfect start for beginners and players at all stages in their game.

Jill Peppett, Princes Risborough Golf Club. March 2017

But with golf we never do … we always start with our swing when maybe there’s another way. And it’s that other way that Bruce Loome coaches at PRGC. You start with the putting – not the big hit – and work back up the chain refining your technique. Bruce’s 'Backward Chaining' group classes are friendly and highly effective - at the end of your session you’ll be keen to practise some more and to show him how much you’ve improved at your next lesson.
Great Learning. Great Value. Great Investment"

Sue D'Arcy, Princes Risborough Golf Club. March 2017

"Bruce is an outstanding coach.  I have seen him on a number of occasions and rather than 'teaching' me how to play golf his way, he coaches me on the areas that require improvement.  My technique and understanding has improved dramatically and I'm enjoying the game so much more"

Brian Fowler, Princes Risborough Golf Club. December 2016

"As a beginner I had some lessons in 2015 which had little effect on me
taking up golf. I thought I would try again last year and had some lessons
with Bruce. Immediately I noticed a completely different approach to
learning the game which started to make sense to me and made a huge
difference to enable me to take up the game. Bruce provided superb tuition
and also introduced me to someone in the club who helped me get started. The
net result is that by the end of the year I had joined the club and
submitted my first 3 cards to get my first handicap. In addition I started
to enjoy playing and met some new people in the club. I intend to continue
with some more lessons as I hopefully improve and I would really recommend
Bruce to anyone taking up or wanting to improve their golf"

Chris James, Princes Risborough Golf Club.

"Having NEVER held a golf club until last summer, who would have thought that only after 10 lessons, I would qualify for a handicap, often par holes and my husband and I are planning a golf holiday at a championship course. Thank you Bruce for your keen ability to teach, revise and coach winning techniques always with a positive attitude, humor and kindness."

Luisa Fortunato
Les Diablerets, Switzerland

"Having just a single lesson with Bruce the focus, being a single figure
H/C player, was my approach wedge play. We went out onto the course to
demonstrate real life positions I found a personal challenge.
I did not even have to hit a ball because after the first few practice
swings he knew exactly what the problem was and then focused on
We then proceeded to other holes and approach positions to gain a
different perspective on varying 60-80 yard shots.
Since the first session I have received further coaching on my chipping
which has made a significant difference to my game as I have now grown
confidence in playing these very critical type of shots.
I highly recommend spending some time with Bruce for all levels of
Neil Terry,
Single Handicapper, PRGC

I would like to thank Bruce for his coaching over the last year. It has certainly improved my enjoyment of the game of golf. His approach is one of encouragement and confidence building. The method he employs is a logical progression and understanding of the technicalities of golf starting with the short game and building up. I look forward to further group and individual coaching in the coming year.
Kind regards
Jacqui Taylor
Past Captain and Ladies team player
Before my individual and group coaching with Bruce, the PRGC Professional, I had spent a lot of money and time on coaching but never really felt anyone had addressed the fundamental errors in my golf swing. However, the combination of Bruce's personable character and 'Backward Chaining' coaching technique has improved my game immensely in a surprisingly short time. He bases his coaching on a step-by-step or building blocks approach to master all the elements of the swing, with whatever club from the bag.
I highly recommend Bruce to both Beginners and Experienced players wishing to develop their game and enjoy themselves while they are being coached.
Geoff Rudd
PRGC member