Membership Update 5 – Opening up for 4 Balls on June 1st and much more

The Course re-opens for regular 4 Ball Golf from Monday 1st June

More progress!

The latest UK government adjustment of lockdown conditions now permits golf clubs in England to re-introduce the fourball format from Monday 1 June.

As part of a phased return to play, up to four golfers from four separate households may now play together in one single group from the above date.

Please note, we still have a virus to contain so...

All other industry guidelines pertaining to the playing of the game remain unchanged from those issued on our homepage - Play Safe and Safe Check In

Social distancing and regular / thorough handwashing remain the priority

Playing 2 x 9 Hole Games on the Same Day

We are continuing with our policy of 9 hole golf whilst this new policy beds in, but we will be reviewing a move back to 18 hole golf shortly.

If people wish to play 2 x 9 holes on the same day,  we have decided to initially formalise what is currently happening successfully informally, as follows:

  1. You cannot currently pre book 2 x 9 holes or 18 holes yet
  2. If the course looks clear after you have finished 9 holes - simply take off your shoes and pop into golf reception and ask if you can go out for a second 9.  For the avoidance of doubt, please do not just go back out without checking in with reception first, even if the course looks clear.
  3. After your first 9, please exit the course via the car park as though you are finishing - please do not follow the path back around to the first tee

Buggy Use - Single Person Only is available from Saturday 30th May

For details on how we have safely brought back buggy use - please click here

Please say hello to our new members when you see them - there are lots of new faces

Click here to meet some of  our new members on New News...

Our Click and Collect is working incredibly well for Golf Balls, Tees and Gloves

Click here to read all about how it works...

Our Thank you to the NHS, local Care Homes and the Air Ambulance

Please click here to see what we are doing as our thank you to the employees of the NHS, Air Ambulance and local Care Homes

Thank You

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team both in the clubhouse and on the course for their amazing work in very difficult circumstances.  It is also important to recognise how disciplined our members and e-player card holders have been in working to social distancing guidelines.  Thank you - it is this discipline that has contributed to keeping the rate of infection down and golf courses open.