6 Great Reasons to Take Up Golf

1. Feel Alive

Golf courses are designed to be beautiful, to take existing surroundings and amplify their glory. The net result? you escape the office, the TV and the sofa and replace them with fresh air and that wonderful feeling of being released. You feel alive and living rather than shackled or slouching.

2. Get fit / Lose weight / Improve your mental health

The joy of golf is that exercise is a by product. Whether you start with a buggy and do short walks between shots or pull a trolley - you will slowly but surely build your fitness. The fitter you get the better you feel, the better you feel, the better you play. So whether your motivation is to shed some weight or just feel better - golf could be the game for you.  The latest research shows that the mental health benefits, such as improving your memory and keeping your mind sharp are just as important.

Scientists analysed findings from 5,000 studies looking at associations between golf and wellbeing and found regular playing may prevent chronic illness, improve mental health and increase life expectancy. Find out more.

3. Make Friends

Lasting friendships can all start and grow out on the golf course. Very quickly, people meet other golfers who share a common interest and a camaraderie develops both on the course and into the clubhouse. We often have single players visiting the club on their own. It isn't long however before a conversation strikes up in the clubhouse and a door is opening to a new friendship.

4. Bond with the Family

Golf is a game to introduce your partner and kids to. It's an amazing opportunity to 'play the course' together as a couple or a family. Playing a simple Texas Scramble means that you all get to play and enjoy the game together, no matter how good you are. Find out more...

5. Fun and / or Competitive

Each time you play is a fresh challenge. Whether you are playing the course, a friend or in a match; golf is as competitive as you want it to be. Everyone finds a balance of social and competitive golf that suits them.

6. Do Better Business

Golf is the perfect setting for business. It changes the mood from 'across the table' to a more relaxed sharing of ideas over a 2 to 4 hour timespan - not to mention the conversation over a drink or meal afterwards.

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