Princes Risborough Golf Academy April 2021 – For people completely new to golf

Each month we admit 4 people into our Golf Academy Programme (up to a maximum of 8 people).  You need to be completely new to golf and can sign up as an individual, a pair, or a group of 4.

The ‘Princes Risborough Golf Academy’ is for people completely new to golf.  It is the most successful, the most relaxed and the most affordable place to “Get into Golf” - in short we have been successfully helping complete beginners to get into golf for years.

You have committed to learn golf but may not be quite ready to commit to an annual membership etc.  Becoming an e-Player Card  holder enables you to play the course at discounted rates and become a member of our Academy. Once you have graduated from the Academy you will be in a much better position to commit to a membership, play more regularly, join roll ups and make new friends. Or, you may decide to continue to play infrequently and remain as an e-Player Card holder.  Either way, you have a low cost way to dip your toe in the water and make a qualified decision.

It's an amazing game to take up as an individual, a couple or a small group; it's fun, reduces stress and keeps you fit - so what are you waiting for?

Need to have a relaxed conversation with our Club Ambassador to discuss any aspects of what belonging to a club might mean for you?

Click here to find out why so many people are taking up golf.

Academy membership packages start from just £120 per person (as part of a group of 4);

  • all include significant discounts against normal lesson prices from our Class A Pro.
  • all include a cash back against a new membership fee

How do we keep our prices so low? we do not take a commission on our lessons, all payments go directly to the Pro.

Package prices are per person; click the links below for details...

Individual Package £250     Package For Couples  £400 (£200 each)     Package For Groups of Four £480 (£120 each)


Please contact us to discuss whether this could be the right way for you to Get into Golf

"Definitely recommend the coach, he is patient, extremely knowledgable and makes the lessons really enjoyable. It has been great being able to practice on the Academy Course between lessons too. Would recommend joining Princes Risborough Golf Club very friendly and welcoming to new members." Judy Pope, Academy Member 2019/20.