‘Backward Chaining’ – The Most Successful Coaching

Princes Risborough Golf Club is probably the friendliest golf club in Buckinghamshire. We are also one of the most innovative.

In addition to our focus on high levels of customer service, we firmly believe in developing a ‘learning culture’ at the club. We know that ‘learning’, ‘competition’ and ‘fun’ have been the bedrock of our success.

Why we use Backward Chaining?

In terms of our approach to coaching, we decided on a state of the art behavioural model to replace the old traditional methods. The model we use is called Backward Chaining.

Novice golfers receiving backward chaining instruction were scoring circa 17 strokes lower than golfers in traditionally coached ctrl groups. They scored circa 1 stroke p/hole (over 18 holes) better than traditional coaching groups.

What is Backward Chaining?

It is a process that starts with the end in mind – with the very last step in the chain.

The last step in a chain is clear in golf – getting the golf ball in the hole. Each step that takes you to this end is mapped backwards to the very first step in the chain, when you Tee Off. It works for beginners, intermediate or advanced single handicap golfers. Backward chaining has gone down incredibly well with members and greenfees alike, but please don’t take our word for it! Testimonials