Autumn 2020 Staff Notes

  • 15.09.20 County Cards
    The PRGC position on County Cards is here
    Golf reception must always check  that they have 1) a valid County Card (must be physically shown) 2) confirm if there is a deal in place and 3) check that their PRGC e-card is current
  • 06.10.20 Golfers who refuse to buy an e-card
    If a golfer refuses to buy an e-card - please take the customers contact details and the reason why they refuse to buy the card. Explain that your manager will be in touch with them.
  • 06.09.20 Clubhouse Ventilation
    It was agreed that due to complaints regarding 'cold' from the restaurant, all external doors will remain closed except the golf club reception door and the princes suite door to the balcony.  This will remain in place until the RAF training session later in September.  Team members must be clear that the reason is ventilation and that they must ensure that they do not forget to close the Princes Suite door when they lock up.When the restaurant is not open, staff are encouraged to keep the front, main entrance glass door (with handle) open to maximise air circulation in the clubhouse.  This door handle should be sanitised as regularly as possible.