Spring 2020 Unlock:

Working to a Better Normal:

  1. Personal Protection
    * On arrival at work, team members to minimise what they touch before getting behind the protective screens at the bar.
    * Once behind the bar, team members must not touch anything until they have washed their hands thoroughly for 20 seconds in the bar sink, drying their hands with blue roll.
    * Regardless of these precautions, the bar area must be cleaned and sanitised daily - the team leader will manage this process
    * When leaving the bar area, team members must wear an appropriate face covering if they are likely to go near other people
  2. A risk free floor
    * It is not acceptable to have anything on the bar walkways or golf reception floor - it must be kept clear and hazard free
  3. No clutter behind the bar or in the golf reception area
    Excluding fixtures and fittings e.g. the till etc, a customer must only be able to see:
    * what is available for them to buy
    * something promoting what they are able to buy or do
    * scorecards
    If a new storage area is required for existing clutter it must be reported to the Team Leader for action