Winter Buggy & Trolley Usage – Very Important

Message from Jack the Greenkeeper

The weather has changed and we must urgently take action to protect your fairways and course from avoidable damage.

  • Winter wheels should now be placed on trolleys.
  • It is forbidden to drive buggies on fairways
  • Do not play off of temporary greens

Buggy users will be asked to sign a pledge regarding appropriate usage before going out

New signage will appear on tees as a reminder

We are all in this together and it is easy to forget - so - if you see anyone driving a buggy or trolley (without winter wheels) on the fairway please politely remind them of the pledge or please phone the clubhouse

People failing to comply with the winter rules on buggies and trolleys will be politely asked by either the greenkeeping staff or the clubhouse to honour their pledge or return to the clubhouse - it is that important.

This is so important and thank you for your understanding