Sample Event Menus 2021/22 Price Guide

At Princes Risborough Golf Club we have two fabulous locations for functions or meals.

The Banqueting Hall can accommodate up to 120 people and has a hire charge of £595 (incl. VAT) and the Princes Suite can accommodate 24 at a cost of £120 (incl. VAT). The hire charges are halved for the Banqueting Hall once you reach half capacity ie 60+ for the banqueting hall is £295

Within our Banqueting Hall menu options below; please note the following principles when you are planning your event.

  1. We have discounted our prices down for a 2 course meal to just £16 and a 3 course meal to as low as £20 per head so long as you are able to select  a single choice within each course.  The price per course only goes up with the complexity of the service, up to £28 per head if you offer your guests a choice of 3 options for each of the 3 courses.
  2. We love to offer a great service and so we apply certain capacity based restrictions on the number of choices we offer.  For example, as a guide:3 courses with 3 main choices - circa 60 people
    3 courses with 2 main choices - circa 80 people
    3 courses with 1 main choice - up to 120 people.  We can be incredibly flexible but only want to deliver the best possible service and experience for our customers, please do not hesitate to ask for further details.
  3. The vegetarian / vegan options are an exception.  They only count as an additional choice if there are a material number within your group eg 5 or more.