Don’t miss out on this…

Whether you have just won an important competition (like the seniors pairs) or are part of a society like WAGS, Toffs, Red Sox, LOGS etc or you are just looking for a cool present (as you can never think of what to put on your list for people to buy you for Xmas).

This could be your answer:

Check out the PRGC Logo'd clothing range here we are placing our Xmas order now.

If you want to add something a little special under the logo ( like Seniors Pairs Winners - 2023 or Wednesday Afternoon Golf Society (WAGS) ) - simply let us know and we will order it in.

Luke has some logo'd stock in the Pro Shop but best to get an order in quick.

Also - coming to Luke's new Pro Shop pre-Xmas... PRGC logo'd caps, bobble hats and towels... if you are interested please discuss with Luke and he will reserve the item for you.