Personalised Gift Vouchers

The perfect present for the golfer in your life! or perhaps someone who might want to give golf try!!

Orders are normally fulfilled within 24 hours

Please scroll down to buy your voucher/s via PayPal, or pay by debit card over the phone (01844 346989) or at Golf Reception.
Also - please don't forget to see How it Works below - we need just a few details from you to personalise your voucher.

There are 2 Great Voucher options starting from just £30!

1) Super Premium VIP Day Voucher: £50 (normal visitor price £86.50) Click here to see what the gift voucher might look like

This voucher entitles the named person to a 30 Minute Golf Lesson with a Class A Golf Professional + 18 holes of golf (anytime) + the use of a buggy + a Light Lunch (or Full English Breakfast)

2) Premium VIP Day Voucher: £30 (normal visitor price £51.50) Click here to see what the gift might look

This voucher entitles the named person to 18 holes of golf (anytime) + the use of a buggy + a Light Lunch (or Full English Breakfast)

NB Because this is such a strong deal, we are only allowing 4 vouchers per household and only one voucher per individual. For the avoidance of doubt. Mary could buy a voucher for each member of her family (up to 4) but only one voucher per person.

The vouchers can be used within 1 year of purchase, but they are not transferable ie can only be used by the named person on the voucher and are not refundable.

Once you have purchased your voucher/s please scroll down to the How it Works section and use "contact us" to provide the information you would like us to use to personalise your voucher - think 'gift tag' on a Christmas present.

VIP Golf Day Vouchers from £30


What does the purchaser of the voucher need to do?

You can buy a voucher at Golf Reception, by debit card over the telephone or via PayPal

When you have purchased the voucher, please provide us with the information below in order that we can personalise your voucher

Click here to contact us and provide the following information:

  1. Tell us what you have purchased [for example, the VIP Day Voucher]
  2. Who for [for example, purchased to be used by Ima Sample]
  3. Who it's from [for example, from Mary]
  4. Any personal message that you would like to include

What happens next?

We will create a special electronic voucher and send you the web link. It couldn't be simpler.

Simply write down the link to their personalised voucher on their Christmas Card (or send it to them via WhatsApp, email or text etc)

What does the person receiving the gift need to do?

Simply call the golf club on 01844 34698 to book their tee off time, let them know what voucher they have and turn up on the day! We take care of the rest - simple!
NB In the case of the Super Premium VIP Day, they simply call the golf club and we put them in touch with the golf pro to co-ordinate their lesson and golf.

Important note - the use of a buggy is of course weather dependant for safety reasons. In the unlikely event that you are unable to use the buggy on your booked day due to inclement weather we will either offer you an alternative date or issue a Free Use of a Buggy Voucher for a future visit.

What is this personalised web link and what will the voucher look like?

We will send you a web link like this...

Click on the weblink and it will take you to the voucher with your personalised message