New Blue Tee Trial for Veterans, Juniors and Newbies… find out more

Golf Clubs are a wonderful fusion of enjoying the game + keeping healthy + friendship and camaraderie.

The more innovative clubs are trialling the introduction of blue tees to enable people to enjoy the game just that little bit more. So, based on feedback so far, we are finding the following people attracted to using them:

  1. Veterans of the game, who have lost a little distance over time
  2. Younger juniors who are out playing with their parents or grandparents
  3. Newbies to the game who want to build up confidence and speed up their play before moving onto the yellows

We are not applying any rules to the usage of blue tees in friendly golf. Simply agree before you play who is playing off what tees and enjoy your game!  To be clear, their are juniors that can hit the ball longer than a low handicapper and there are veterans who are still very comfortable playing off yellows.

We do strongly recommend that people new to golf play off the blues, simply because it will be more enjoyable for them and will speed up play.

We will be regularly checking in with people across the trial and welcome feedback on their location.  If you have any thoughts - please contact us.

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