Another golfing year passes, and as it slips away I very much wanted to message you all with a few words of my own to reflect a little on 2017, thank those of you that continue to support me, and look ahead to 2018 with as much positivity as possible.


This year had many ups and downs for us all I’m sure, but I hope that as the year draws to an end we feel settled and content that we have put some hard work and practice into our golf games over the past twelve months and we are hopeful for an even better 2018 with a new years resolution to improve our games even more.

I started the year with quite a bad injury to my wrist that I have been struggling with since the previous summer, however I’m pleased to say that it seems to have improved beyond my expectations after some medical help and some sound advice. Krill supplements seem to be the key to stopping inflammation!

The golfing year had some success but more importantly, the coaching ethos and learning mentality that I hoped would improve a little at the club seems to be doing just that. I speak a little more about the coaching in the next chapter, but I would personally like to thank those of you that joined me for coaching in 2017 very much indeed. I couldn’t stay at the club without some of you wishing to improve and consequently seeking my help and guidance with your games. Although I do try to help everyone and anyone when asked questions about the swing or golf in general, I’m sure you all can appreciate that it is also important for me to earn an income during the year. My income is from coaching alone at Princes Risborough and therefore the players who support me and employ me to help them with their golf games are the reason I am able to stay at the club, without you, remaining at the golf club would unfortunately be impossible, so thank you all very much, you are all very much appreciated.


This will be my second Christmas at Princes Risborough Golf Club and I am very pleased indeed to say that the coaching has gone from strength to strength, with many golfers now travelling to the club from many of the other bigger golf clubs both in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire for their coaching. In 2017, the majority of my clients were either new golfers, many of which are now members of Princes Risborough club, or established players from other clubs.

I have been extremely pleased to receive their feedback that not only do they feel they are having the very best coaching available, but also that they understand the golf swing better. Although sometimes they will naturally revert to their old muscle memory and technique, they say that they now feel and understand ‘what went wrong’ and what they should be doing! As a coach that means a great deal to me.

Since turning professional I have made it my goal to impart the knowledge and understanding about the swing and all its nuances (that I have spent many years learning both in Europe and the United States) to all of my clients because I will not be with you on the course on the weekend or when you are playing the monthly Medal, and I feel it is imperative that the players themselves, over time, have a much better understanding of how the kinetics of the golf swing work and the order in which the moving parts must move.

Lets face it, its a tough game, but with a better understanding from good coaching and some practice, both with a coach in attendance and on your own, a more consistent golf game is attainable and that will make it more fun too.

Please remember, a club coach should not be trying to make everyone into a world-class player, we should be imparting the knowledge and help that will ensure you have better mechanics, become more consistent and in turn enjoy your golf much more, so that you can become the best player possible.

The elite players amongst you who have aspirations to play at the highest level possible, I applaud you, and I’m sure you already realise that the road ahead is not only exciting but also paved with many ups and downs, laughter and tears but ultimately hard work!
Good luck to you all for 2018.


We managed two ‘golf and coaching trips’ in 2017, one to Poland and one to the Carya Golf and Spa resort in Belek Turkey, a venue I have been going to since it opened. Before the Regnum had been built I had been going to Turkey for many years with a German national team who had asked me to conduct their winter training for them from my time in Germany. I had never really thought or fancied Turkey as a golf destination but the German team assured me it was a fantastic place for golf and I must say they were 100% correct, it’s quite unbelievable. Since that initial trip I have been taking groups there once or twice a year and everyone agrees that for a golf and coaching trip, there is nowhere better.

Poland October 2017

The Poland trip to The Private Rosa course near Czestochowa had been primarily organised for a small group of our lady golfers for their own personal golf and coaching trip. I had been approached earlier in the year and asked to try and source a good location for a ladies trip, and as I had previously played the Private Rosa course in the Polish Open a couple of years ago and knew just how good the course and facilities would be for us, I put a five day trip together which included golf and coaching each day, accommodation and transfers from Katowice airport.

The hotel that was booked was in the centre of the city, which allowed us all to experience the local restaurants and drinking establishments in Czestochowa. We all agreed that the standard of food and beverages were second to none and each night the group ate at a lovely restaurant, eating the very best food and drinking excellent wine at prices that made your jaw drop.

The course and practice facilities are fantastic at Private Rosa, and the only dampener was the unusually rainy weather we encountered on four of the five days. A great shame because before and after that week it was absolutely glorious!

However, a great five days was had by all, and I would like to personally thank Shelley, Christina, Gina, Kate and Rosie for making the trip as fun and as entertaining as it proved to be. All the girls worked incredibly hard during the practice sessions and progress was made by each and every one of them, thank you ladies, your positive and ‘can do’ attitude helped the trip go as well as it did. I very much hope we can all do the same again this coming year.

Turkey (Regnum Carya) November 2017

The Turkey trip was a real success once again with a fantastic group of seven guys joining me at a resort that I can only describe as incredible. We had five players from the club, Mark Tubb, Neil Terry, Roger Meakes, Pete Smith and Alan Jackson, and they were joined this year by Andy and Ian Buxton who are from the Shanklin and Sandown Gc on the Isle of Wight and Darwin Gc respectively.

I would personally like to thank all seven of the players that came on the trip for the manner in which they embraced the coaching and learning aspects of the trip throughout the week. I know the newbies were quite astounded by the standard of golf courses that we are lucky enough to play during our week in Turkey, as well as the chance to play night golf under floodlights, a real treat and one not to be missed.
I cannot stress enough just how fantastic this resort is and combined with its ultra all-inclusive board, it really is hard to beat.

Night golf under floodlights

Please feel free to speak to anyone who came on this year’s trip if you are considering joining us next year for their opinion on both the golf and the Regnum hotel, you won’t be disappointed.

We hope to go back again next year if the hotel is kind enough to keep it affordable, and I will of course give retuning players the opportunity to re-book first as an appreciation of their loyalty.


I have already been asked about trips for 2018 and I am more than happy to organise similar golf and coaching trips for the coming year.

I will be in Portugal playing in the Algarve Invitational from the 6th ¬- 16th January; I will then be back in the Algarve from the 27th January until the 10th of February coaching a private group of doctors and surgeons at their residences at the beautiful Val Do Lobo resort.

Therefore, there is a possibility for me to organise a week’s golf and coaching either from the 19th – 26th January, or the 12th until the 19th February in the Algarve. If you are interested in joining me on one of these weeks, please let me know now so that I can speak to the director of golf at Quinta and Val do Lobo and see what package I can come up with. A great way to start the season off with a bang!

We will of course be going to Turkey again in November as long as the hotel and golf course can give me the special rate we have been so fortunate to get again this year. November’s trip this year cost £1,280 for the weeks stay in double rooms but with single occupancy, 5 rounds of golf and ultra all-inclusive board. The normal rack rate is 900 euro per night without golf. If you look on now for a room next November the cost is £2,127 without golf! (A year in advance).
I have also been asked if I would do a week before or after the main Turkey week at the same location, which would be a little less intensive, with the coaching taking the emphasis and maybe only three rounds of golf. This is a great idea and one I think would be perfect for less experienced golfers. It will give everyone a chance to experience what the hotel and spa has to offer too. I will look into this, but the week before may be out due to the Turkish Open being played at the Carya, and the hotel being used by all the players from the 1st to the 4th of November 2018.

The expected dates for the regular trip to the Regnum resort and Carya Golf club in 2018 will be the 5th- 12th November in 2018. I am trying to get ‘our price’ as we speak.

I am also more than happy to organise another trip to the Private Rosa golf club in Poland if some of you would like to join me. I think the end of April, May or beginning of June might be the best times to go out to Poland and play on a beautiful, challenging golf course and have some coaching each day as well. A five-day trip might be perfect once again. Please let me know if you are interested in this or any of the trips I intend to organise for 2018, the sooner I have numbers I will be able to conform and book.


Thank you to Doreen and John for their help and generosity throughout the year, but especially for the time that I am in Portugal during January when they are especially helpful and generous to me, thank you. To Mark for helping me a number of times in 2017 and proving to be a close and reliable friend when needed. A decent man, and now also the scratch champion for 2017, well done!
To all my clients, thank you for your support over the year, I fully understand that coaching isn’t inexpensive but I try very hard to keep the cost down to a minimum so that we both get the results we are striving for, your game improving.

I have had some fantastic and quite humbling words said to me this year from golfers who have either just started to play golf or who have been playing for many years, but they have all really taken on board my coaching philosophies and methods and can now look forward to a more enjoyable golfing journey. We never really ‘get it’ in golf, there’s always room for improvement and progression, but we do need to be on the right track first!

Thank you to Gary, Nick, and now Yaz, and of course the members of the golf club for their friendliness and enthusiasm each day I am at the club.

I think you will agree that the course has improved considerably over the year and credit for this has to go to Gary, John and Jake for their hard work and determination to continually improve the golf course for its members and guests. I am pleased with how the academy practice area is progressing and I hope you will all venture on to it and use it for the purpose its there, for you to improve your short games.

I would also like to thank the past Captain, Brian Fowler, for not only his captaincy along side Sue Darcy (Ladies Captain) this past year and the time and effort it takes to be both club and ladies captain, but also for a couple of outings we had together during the year. One of which is the annual Captain/Pro challenge, which is organised by the PGA. I know that Brian was a little nervous about playing in such a big event but I must say he performed admirably and we came a very respectful place just 3 shots off the prizes. I very much hope that both Captains charities faired well from the years activities.


I hope that those of you that have began the coaching and learning process with me continue it with much vigour and a determination to reach your true potential this coming year.

I will be working hard on my game in the New Year and very much hope that I can perform well in Portugal in the Algarve Invitational. I will also be playing in the PGA Championships in May and trying to qualify for the Senior British Open in July at St Andrews.
As we speak Tiger is only a few days away from returning to play at the Hero challenge in the Bahamas, so if he is successful in his return and able to continue playing, I’m sure I will also be accompanying him once again during the events he plays this side of the pond, primarily The Open Championship which will be hosted at Carnoustie in 2018.

So as 2017 comes to and end and the 2018 golfing season awaits it only remains for me to wish each and everyone of you a lovely Christmas and New Year. I hope the New Year brings good health and much happiness to us all.

Best wishes


PGA Professional