Dear fellow golfers

As Christmas is upon us, I would just like to take a few minutes to write to you all and wish everyone a happy Christmas and a successful 2017.
It has been a year full of ups and downs personally and throughout the world, but I truly hope that 2017 will be a great year for us all.

I would like to start by thanking everyone who has supported me during 2016 and I know we have had some real success stories from those of you that have embarked on coaching this year.

To improve or become a little more consistent in this game of ours, it does take a mixture of coaching and practice.

Remember practice alone does not make perfect, it makes permanent. Perfect practice makes perfect.

I have been very pleased and proud to see some of the improvements that many of you have made. I am fully aware of the amount of time and effort that is required to play golf a little better, and I take my hat off to those of you that have embraced the coaching and learning culture, some of you possibly for the first time, again thank you.

Overall I have enjoyed serving as the club professional at Princes Risborough very much.

Since I took the role on I have tried very hard to give each and every one of you the opportunity to experience my teaching approach and style, as well as impart my swing knowledge and ideologies that I know will give you a better understanding of the swing mechanics and the correct kinetic swing sequence.  Unfortunately the ‘natural’ way to play golf tends to make the ball go to the right for right-handers, and chip with little or no check or stop.

It horrifies me that some people think that coaching can have an adverse affect on their game, it shouldn’t.

The player and the professional should work together as a team, with the coach imparting the information and ‘feelings’ that the player needs to try to adopt, whilst the player must find time to practice and groove in some of these new feelings. With this kind of mutual respect and work ethic, a player will undoubtedly improve.

We have also bought in a re-gripping machine to the club and I hope this will be utilized a little more in 2017. New or tacky grips are a vital component of our clubs if we are going to get the best out of them. First try scrubbing your grips with warm, soapy water and if this still doesn’t give them the ‘tackiness’ that’s we need, then pop in and we can put some new grips on for the 2017 season.

Coaching Options

3 Ball On-course

I still intend to offer the three ball group sessions in 2017 which allow three golfers to play a few holes, with me in attendance, where as a group we can play, discuss, practice and improve certain elements of the game out on the course. This gives the players the opportunity to play the shots in ‘real time’ and then benefit from advice and coaching there and then. The sessions will last approx. 90 minutes and will be available on certain days only, the quieter days at the club. The cost for three players for the 90 minutes will be £30 per player, a total of £90.

Group Sessions

I would like to start the new year by offering both the ladies and gents sections a five session course each an hour long, concentrating on putting first, then chipping, then pitching followed the swing for the final two sessions. I know that both the ladies and gents enjoyed the group coaching we did when I first arrived and I hope you will all sign up for the sessions which I intend to begin in February.

I will put sign up sheets in both changing rooms for these sessions and I hope very much you will all join me once again and get the season off to a good start. The sessions will be an hour and at a cost of £10 per player per session. I would like to keep the group size to ten so that each person gets the maximum benefit. I can speak with the captains of the club and ensure I get dates that suit.

Beginner Classes

I am also offering beginner group classes in 2017 that I hope will bring more golfers to the club. I intend to do these classes bi-monthly.

The courses will be six, 90-minute sessions on a Tuesday and Thursday evening from 17:30 to 19:00 introducing and coaching all aspects of the game to people that have never played golf before or high handicappers that are new to the game. The cost will be just £90 per person for all six sessions and 9 hours of instruction!

The first course is penciled in for March and the dates are; 14th, 16th, 21st, 23rd, 28th and 30th.

Again there will be a maximum of 10 golfers only per course.

Please let friends and family know about the beginner courses and hopefully we can get more people playing golf or even joining the club.

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching has been very successful and thank you once again those of you that have taken the plunge and invested in private coaching with me. I have been extremely pleased to see the results and improvements for those players that have entrusted me to help their golf game. I have a number of clients from different local clubs now and three people that travel up from London regularly for coaching with me at Princes Risborough. I very much hope we can improve on this in 2017.

The guys that came out to Turkey with me in November (more about this below) had coaching each day and there was a marked improvement in their swings during the seven days. This comes from a better understanding of the swing, and although it still takes practice and time to let it take over the old swing mechanics and methods, if the understanding is there, then we can all improve and enjoy our game of golf that much more.

strong>Winter Golf and Coaching Trip, November 2106

Five members of the club joined me (and two other golfers from my coaching days in Germany) at Regnum Golf resort and spa in Belek, Turkey. It was a great success with all of the ‘newbies’ extremely impressed with the standard of the golf courses, the practice facilities and how luxurious the hotel and spa is.

It was hard work and long hours, but I know everyone came back much more in-tune with their swing and a much better understanding of what to do next, if not a little practice ground weary! Well done to Mark, Neil, Roger, Geoff and Pete for their support and efforts during a fantastic week of golf and coaching at one of the very nest resorts anywhere.

Please speak to some of the guys that went on the trip if you are interested in coming with us in 2017!

I may well be doing a second week either before or after the main week in 2017 for the less experienced golfers amongst us, or those that would prefer more coaching than playing.

Instead of 5 or 6 rounds with coaching each day, it has been suggested that the second group have organised practice each day, but play maybe 3 times during the week, giving more emphasis on coaching during the week. I expect a few hours coaching in the morning, lunch and then an hour or so in the afternoon leaving time for the pool, spa or beach (something that regretfully we don’t tend to have enough time for usually).


It was great to see Tiger Woods back playing again and he is set for a semi-full season in 2017. It was a personal disappointment that he pulled out of Turkey in November as I had been asked to travel with him and work for him during the Turkish Open.

I expect to accompany him at Birkdale in July for the Open Championship, and if you have never been to an Open, Birkdale in Southport Merseyside is the one to go to. In my opinion the best course on the Open Rota and a good town to socialize for après golf!


Once again thank you for your support, especially those of you that have joined me for coaching during 2016, and I very much hope that you will continue to support me.

I think that once again the club have two very good captains and I hope you will join me in wishing them both every success for their tenure. It is a demanding role at any club, taking up much of their time and requires tireless effort. I know the club have been very fortunate to have both Brian and Sue at the helm this year and I hope you will all support them in everything they do.

I will be playing three events in January in the Algarve, Portugal and very much hope that it will prove successful. One of the events is a pro-am and Mark Tubb will also be playing in this event with me, so wish us luck! I would personally like to thank Mark, John and Dor for their support for the events in January, thank you so much.

If anyone has any questions or queries regarding coaching or the trips, please feel free to contact me at anytime and I will ensure I get back to you with an answer.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to each and every one of you,


Come and join us next March at this beautiful resort and spa.

7 days golf and coaching at one of the most beautiful resorts anywhere.

A motley crew agreed, but look at Neil’s attempt to look a little taller!

The private practice area, scene of much work!!

One of the many pool areas

The view from the balcony

The 11th hole on Carya, quite a drive!