Why 9 Hole Golf Is Booming…

Worth a read – thanks Gavin Adams for sharing…

Why Nine Hole Golf Is Booming

It is a priority for PRGC to continue to help you to maximise the fun and enjoyment from golf, no matter what time slots you have available:

* Academy Practice Course – 30 minutes
* 5 Holes – Just over an hour
* 9 Holes – 2 Hours
* Back 9 – Our priority is to maximise the differences between the front and back 9’s. The new 14th White Tee (opens next spring) is a case in point.
* Buggies and playing on no-peak days obviously also reduces time, if you are in a particular hurry.

Whilst you can enjoy the flexibility that your course offers from a time perspective; whatever you do, please never miss the opportunity to breath deeply the beautiful country air and enjoy the outstanding beauty of the area.

Have fun

PRGC Incorruptibles V Distinguishables – The Results!!

The annual grand challenge match play competition between John Tubb's team and the Captain Gavin Adams' team took place today Saturday 12th May. After 11  very hard fought matches Gavin’s team otherwise known as The Distinguishables emerged as the winners by 7.5 matches to 3.5 over John’s team aka The Incorruptibles.  The best performance on the day came from Alan Caldicott and Dave MacKenzie with a fine 5&4 win so the individual spoils went to them. In the Principals head to head match up, John Tubb and Neil Terry beat Captain Gavin Adams and Neil Martin 2up so once again the individual spoils went to The Incorruptibles, but it was the Captain who walked off with the team win and the Glenfiddich Putter. The Captain's team are almost making a habit of winning this match and Dean Herritty, who was today announced as Vice Captain and Captain elect, will no doubt want to continue in that vein in 2019. John Tubb will of course want to reverse the trend so all to play for in 2019.


Next Friday and Saturday is the Mike Jefferson Memorial Trophy which as a bogey competition plays to match play rules against the course. Those who played today are well prepared for this individual event but all members should sign up and play in memory of Mike, a founder member and our very own Mr Golf. 

Golf Coaching At It’s Very Best…

Coaching Trip to Poland 6-11th May - "Bring some 20p coins and plenty of golf balls!!"

I have been introduced to Stymies, a putting technique and strategy game which genuinely separates the golfing men from the boys ( and me from my stash of 20p coins 🙂 ). Very keen to talk to Barry about setting up a Stymie ladder or competition, a fun way to improve your putting... and seriously competitive - loved it!

I have also thoroughly enjoyed watching some very simple and very clear coaching.  Coaching that doesn't "ruin your game", but offers nudges of the rudder to enhance it.  Congratulations Bruce, masterclass in coaching technique (and patience). 

Summer Greenkeeping Regime…

…the greenkeeping team are working to a simple maintenance schedule as follows:

* Greens are cut 5 times a week with two fallow days – Monday and Thursday (unless there is a match, so technically, up to 7 days per week)
* Greens are sorell rolled 1 x per week to aerate and to help with irrigation
* Greens are groomed once per week to reduce Poa and vertically cut in order to improve green health, consistency and speed
* The greens have wetting agents applied 1 x per week to help retain water in the root zone
* First cut rough around the greens and fairways are cut 2 x per week
* Second cut rough is cut 1 x per week
* Tees are cut 2 x per week
* Fairways are cut 1 or 2 x per week (depending on spraying and growth)
* The bunkers on each hole are de-weeded and managed every week
* All grass around the club house and practice green are cut by an additional resource

Quite a change from the project work across the winter and spring (if you can call that snowy period this year, spring).

PRGC CBL Vs Richings Park…

After our superb halved match away at Mill Green the CBL team took on the might of Richings Park away on Saturday 05 May. Richings Park are a big club with a strong team who on the day proved a little too hot for the Risborough boys to handle. Most of the matches were close with John Verrall/Richard Bennett securing a half point and Bob Darvill/Richard Aldridge losing 1 down on the fiendishly difficult 18th Hole. Two other pairs, John Forrest/Craig Whitworth and Gavin Adams/Neil Martin played exceptionally well only to lose out over the closing holes. Barry Woledge/Steve Wagerfield and Pete Smith/Alan Jackson both came up against Richings pairs who were in stellar form  and playing well below handicap. Barry and Steve were undone by their opponents knocking in two birdies and two eagles one of which was for a net hole in 1 on a par 4!! Now that’s a first in the CBL! Overall the CBL performances in 2018 are exceptionally good and the team continues to do well in the league rankings. The next match is on Saturday 9th June at Home to Richings Park so revenge beckons on our home turf

Saturday 12th May: PRGC Incorruptibles-V-Distinguishables

Ladies and Gentlemen


As your Competitions Secretary it falls to me advise you of the details of this years Grand Challenge match between Gavin Adams’ team (the Distinguishables) and John Tubbs’ team (the Incorruptibles). You will all be aware this is a four ball better ball match play competition played off 90% handicap difference to the lowest handicap player in each match. This year we have 11 matches so a pretty full-on competition playing for the Glenfiddich Putter nobly donated by one of our founder members Terry Clarke.


On the day coffee and biscuits will be available from 0830, there will be a competition and rules briefing at 0900 and golf will commence with a shot gun start at 0930. Following the golf there will be a buffet lunch and presentations. The entry fee is £10 payable on the day.


The match play batting is attached so no excuses for not knowing which team you are on, who you are playing with and against, or which tee you are starting on. Wherever you start please remember that after hole 9 you proceed to hole 10, and NOT hole 1!!


Best wishes


Barry Woledge

Open Week Tuesday 8th to Sunday 13th May 2018

We are offering people who haven’t tried our course (or haven’t tried it for some time) the opportunity to play a “free 9 hole trial”, so long as they contact us at http://princesrisboroughgolfclub.co.uk/contact-us/.

If you have friends, who are potential new members, it is a chance for them to play with you for free during this ‘open week’.

It is important that we manage this through our ‘contact us’ process to avoid disappointment and to allow us to advise people on when they are able to play. We will obviously not be booking people in when the course is busy with members.

At a time when others are losing members, we are gaining them. We have worked hard to achieve this as a team and we are keen to build on that momentum. Two more are joining next week from Weston Turville based on our course quality and hospitality.

Please contact us if you wish to take advantage of this opportunity or know someone who might 🙂

PRGC Top of their CBL Division!! What a Result Away from Home!!

The Princes Risborough team in the Chiltern Breakfast League continued their impressive start to the season with a halved match away at Mill Green on Saturday 28th April. Mill Green is an excellent golf club with a challenging course which following overnight rain played very long and heavy. This did not deter the Princes Risborough players at all with 2 pairs, Captain Gavin Adams with Neil Martin, and CBL team Organiser Barry Woledge with Steve Wagerfield winning again  to make it three wins out of three matches for both pairs. Neil Terry and Dave Mackenzie delivered the biggest win on the day for PR with a 3&2 victory so three good wins being sufficient to secure the halved match and many league points.  After three matches Princes Risborough head Division B of CBL 2018 but there is still a long way to go in the season. Next week the team have another challenging away match at Richings Park and after this rousing away performance the team will be in fine fettle, and hopefully the weather a little warmer!! Richard Bennett made his CBL debut in this match and all members are welcome to join the CBL squad. Those wishing to participate should contact Barry Woledge

More Progress on our Lovely Greens… 28.04.18

Sorrel Rolling… On Thursday evening we sorrel rolled the greens. Used on a regular basis the sorrel roller breaks up any crust that tends to form on the soil. The small spikes penetrate the surface which allows the air, nutrients and especially water to start their journey to the roots. This won’t interfere with play but it will ensure that we max the wet weather this weekend for the health of the greens.

Wetting Agent… we also applied wetting agent to the greens. This means that all of this weekend’s rain will penetrate the soil properly and stay drinkable for longer. It effectively breaks down the wax that forms on greens which would otherwise prevent the water from getting to the roots.

Cutting Days… Weather permitting, we are now cutting greens on Tuesday / Wednesday / Friday / Saturday / Sunday (Resting Monday and Thursday). with a hole change every Thursday evening.

Poa Busting / Grooming… for the next few weeks, each Wednesday morning we will be groomimg and cutting. The groomer was a new investment and essentially vertically cuts the grass, helping to strip out the poa seeds which are beginning to flower on the greens. This will do two things; one, increase speed (as poa seed adds friction) and two, will increase consistency.

Lot’s to do – but the greens are healthier than they have ever been at this time of year and are getting faster and more consistent. We are aiming to work within the 8 to 8.5 ft stimp territory. For regular membership play this is regarded as medium-fast to fast and for tournament play, medium. Great feedback from Richard Aldridge and the WAGS on the condition and speed – thanks Richard.

Green speeds, health and consistency…

We stimp tested greens this morning at just over 8ft and they remain very healthy following the pre-emptive final fusarium spray for spring (last week). Last night we did a light verticut double pass which will also help with consistency and health. We will continue to work on consistency, speed and health by lightly verticutting and pencil tining (to improve aeration and irrigation) over the coming weeks. If you see John out on the greens with a water gun - he is applying a wetting agent. This enables the greens to hold the water better and for longer, once again improving the health of the greens.

For reference - USPGA guide:
Regular member play: stimp 7.5 = medium fast, 8.5 is fast
Tournament play: stimp 7.5 = medium slow, 8.5 medium

We are currently working our way towards 8.5ft ie fast regular play and medium tournament play for the average course. The priority after our recent erratic weather is to keep the greens healthy whilst gradually improving speed and consistency. We have invested heavily recently in our greens programme and I have been delighted with the response from visiting clubs and indeed our own members who play on other courses. The investment has paid off.