Playing a second 9 on the same day – the process

The zero touch check in process is working incredibly well and Sarah /Julie deserve huge praise for the way they have embraced this 'new normal'.  Members and Player Card holders alike have also responded extremely positively and we thank you.  Some members have cottoned on to the fact that there are certain times of the day where the course quietens down and have asked if they could go out again.  We have been delighted to say yes!!

We have decided to formalise this as follows:

  1. You cannot pre book 2 x 9 holes
  2. If the course looks clear after you have finished 9 holes - simply take off your shoes and pop into golf reception and ask if you can go out for a second 9.  For the avoidance of doubt, please do not just go back out without checking in with reception first, even if the course looks clear.
  3. After your first 9, please exit the course via the car park as though you are finishing - please do not follow the path back around to the first tee


Buggies are back – in line with our “Play Safe” strategy from Saturday 30th May – strictly health reasons only to begin with – single person per buggy

Buggies will now be available again from Saturday 30th May, but in a strictly controlled manner.

  1. We will allow buggy use strictly for health reasons only at first and for single person use only
  2. We want to be totally safe so we will start by allowing each buggy out once per day - we will clean it at the end of the day for use the following day
  3. Our goal is to be totally safe - a little like supermarkets sanitising trolleys - only we will use a PRGC  "Play Safe" sign off sheet to state that the buggy has been cleaned
  4. If you haven't already signed a one off 'buggy use' waiver - you will be asked to "Contact Us" stating that you have read the waiver and that you are happy to hire the buggy on that basis