Are you ready for WAGS? from 3pm March 28th, 2018


  1. Have I booked some refresher lessons

  2. Are my grips due for an upgrade

  3. Do I need to discuss new clubs 

  4. If any of the above - contact Bruce

  5. If none of the above - have I practiced my grumpy face?

Trialling a new shoe cleaning area…

We are testing a new Shoe Cleaning Area next to the buggy sheds - this will allow us to have a much tidier area next to the ladies changing rooms. Please give us your feedback.

Get a Grip!! Save some Shots!!

Remember re-gripping can save you shots and save you changing your clubs...  so if you've tried lessons, tried re-grips and you still feel the need to buy new clubs - speak to Bruce first - Bruce is a Callaway Authorised Dealer... 🙂

Mountains and Mole Hills…

No-one wanted to make a mountain out of a mole hill, but they have taken matters too far 🙂 Please note that we have set a number of mole traps on the course to reduce the negative impact they are having.  You will see little silver handles popping out of some of the mole hills - please do not touch them .  Thank you.

Don’t be a divot!!

An unfixed or badly fixed pitch mark, can wreak havoc on that finely tuned putting stroke of yours, drive you to start questioning whether you can putt at all or render your carefully selected brand new golf putter a complete waste of money

All because the golfers that have gone before you didn’t do what they absolutely must do – which is to fix every pitch mark they make on the green. Properly.

If everyone does this - we will all enjoy our game so much more.

To make it easier, we will be giving away free pitch repairers at main reception.

Thank you 🙂

Repairing pitch marks - the how and why video

On the right path…

More great work from the greenkeeping team - we are continuing to sharpen edges and make the course as beautiful as possible - come rain or shine!!

The boys will be moving onto the "tee improvement programme"  over the next few weeks; so watch this space 🙂