After 2 days and 35 holes in the sun, it all came down to a two foot putt on the 36th and last, where the previously two-time winner Neil Martin successfully sank the putt to add another Barcilon Cup to his every growing golfing CV at PRGC. Neil finished with 76-77 for a 153 total, and although there were a number of valiant attempts to catch our friend from north of the border, no-one managed to close the gap completely. Dean Herritty came closest shooting 76 on Sunday to finish within one of Neil on 154, and Neil’s playing partner for both days Bob Darvill got close with a 156 to finish 3rd, so close but not this year…

In the handicap event, our  Barcilon Handicap Champion for 2018 is John Verrall after a very commendable 77 on Sunday, taking the award ahead of one of our former captains, Mike “smiler” Stevens.
In the ladies event, our own current ladies captain led from the front, took a one shot overnight lead and with a solid round on Sunday, held off Bex Lowry and the Handicap Champion Anna Antoine to claim her first Barcilon Cup. In the ladies divisional event, the winners were Bex Lowry, Valerie Dexter and Arlinda Chaplin.
Well done to all the winners and a big thank you to all who took part, thankfully the weather held firm with the course playing tough and fair. As usual the event was brilliantly organised by Barry Woledge, and we were well looked after and well fed by Nick and the team.

2018 Day 1

2017 Winners...

Overall Winner of the Club Championship - Scratch

Luke Tubb is crowned Champion!!

Combined score for the two days was 153 - well done Luke

Second place Barry Woledge with 157

Third place Neil Terry with 160

Best gross score on day 1 was 74 (Luke and Barry)

Best gross score on day 2 was 78 (Gavin Adams)

“I wanted to sharpen my technique to improve my consistency. Delighted to win the Club Championship this year and would like to thank the Pro, Bruce Loome, for his amazing coaching”

Luke Tubb, Princes Risborough Golf Club – Champion 2017

Overall Winner of the Ladies Club Championship - Scratch

Meg Bowen is crowned Champion

...and what a comeback - well done Meg!!

Second place Jill Peppett - well done Jill

Best gross score on day 1 was 92  (Chris Stevens)

Overall Winner of the Ladies Club Championship - Handicap

Jill Peppett is crowned Champion...

- well done Jill!

Winners of the Dexter Trophies - Handicap

Chris Stevens is crowned Champion... Handicap 1-21

Jean Caldicott is crowned Champion... Handicap 22-29

Jacqui Taylor is crowned Champion... Handicap 30-36

Overall Winner of the Mens Club Championship - Handicap

Gavin Adams is crowned Champion...

well done Gavin!!

Second place Alan Caldicott


Club Championship 2017 - The Barcilon Cup

Day 2 - Start list Sunday 4th June 

0930                            Dean Herritty, Richard Caldicott, Dave Albin

0938                            Brian Fowler, Doug Taylor, Mark Tubb

0946                            John Tubb, Dave MacKenzie, Pierre Gymer

0954                            Richard Aldridge, Mark Stinchcombe, Neil Smuts                                   

1002                            Sunil Soni, Sean Cummins, Steve Wagerfield                                   

1010                            Pete Smith, Jim Cahalan, Mike Stevens

1018                            Alan Caldicott, Craig Whitworth, Stewart Ford

1026                            Gavin Adams, Alan Jackson, Neil Terry                         

1034                            Barry Woledge, Pete Major, Luke Tubb

11.00                             Kate Carroll, Jules Bendell, Valerie Dexter

11.08                             Jacqui Taylor, Sue D'Arcy, Jean Caldicott

11.16                              Jill Peppett, Chris Stevens, Meg Bowen




...Let Battle Commence

Top 5 Gross Scores From Day 1 - Mens

Player                        Gross Score                        

Luke Tubb                            74

Barry Woledge                    74

Pete Major                           78

Neil Terry                             79

Dean Herritty                      79

Top 5 Net Scores From Day 1 - Mens

Player                        Net Score

Barry Woledge                    63

Alan Caldicott                     65

Stewart Ford                       66

Pete Major                           68

Neil Terry                             69  / Luke Tubb                            69

Top 3 Gross Scores From Day 1 - Ladies

Chris                                    92

Jill                                        95

Meg                                      98

Top 3 Net Scores From Day 1 - Ladies

Chris                                    73

Jill                                        76

Jean                                     77

It's going to be close!!!  

Club Championship 2017 - The Barcilon Cup

 Start list Saturday 3rd June

 0930                        Brian Fowler, Alan Caldicott, Doug Taylor

0938                         Sean Cummins, John Tubb, Mark Stinchcombe

0946                          Stewart Ford, Jim Cahalan, Pierre Gymer

0954                          Richard Aldridge, Steve Wagerfield, Mark Tubb

1002                          Richard Caldicott, Mike Stevens, Neil Smuts

1010                          Craig Whitworth, Dave Albin, Gavin Adams      

1018                          Pete Smith, Dave Mackenzie, Sunil Soni          

1026                          Barry Woledge, Pete Major, Neil Terry     

1034                          Alan Jackson, Dean Herritty, Luke Tubb


1050                          Meg Bowen, Chris Stevens        

1058                          Jill Peppett, Jean Caldicott

1106                          Valerie Dexter, Sue D’Arcy

1114                          Jacqui Taylor, Jules Bendell, Kate Carroll